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Method for improving the transparency of blister processed products

Issuing time:2021-09-08 16:24

Today, the editor of Dexing summarized the methods to improve the transparency of blister processed products. Wuxi Dexing Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise established with the concept of diversified resources and integrated plastic technology.


1. By adding a nucleating agent, the light transmittance of the transparent resin is increased, and the small molecule substance that promotes the crystallization functions as a crystal nucleus.

2. Biaxial stretching improves the transparency of the plastic, which can crush the original crystal particles in the product to make the crystal size smaller, and achieve the purpose of improving the light transmittance.

3. To improve the transparency of plastics by blending is to add other resins to the transparent resin to improve the transparency.

4. In terms of blister molding, printing, etc., it is also necessary to pay attention to product quality to ensure that the blister material will not reduce the transparency of the material due to the influence of the processing environment during the processing.

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