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Wealth protection
Life balance
Health protection

In order to improve the work enthusiasm of the company's employees, at the end of each year, there is a "salary increase and year-end bonus" benefits based on the employee's performance.

In order to protect employees, we provide employees with comprehensive social insurance in accordance with national laws and regulations.

During important holidays throughout the year, the company provides holiday gifts to employees.

Salary increase & year-end bonus
Social security
Intimate welfare
Paid vacation
Annual tour
In order for company employees to have more private time, employees are provided with "paid annual leave."

In order to allow employees to combine work and rest, the company provides an opportunity to travel once a year to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the motherland, sea, rivers and mountains.

Annual inspection
In order to let each employee know their own physical health, every year all employees of the company will be arranged for a comprehensive physical examination.