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       Wuxi Dexing Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovation enterprise established with the concept of diversified resources integrating plastic technology. With blister processing and thick plate blister technology as the core, and a variety of other plastic processes as supplements, we are committed to providing overall product solutions and product packaging supply chain management services.
       Since its establishment, the company has applied for and owns a number of patents, many of which have filled the gaps in the current market and have been unanimously welcomed by Chinese and foreign customers. In the traditional process, we strive for perfection, pay attention to standardized operating procedures, and use processes, specifications and data to guide production. In order to optimize production and reduce manual work, automatic equipment is introduced to complete the subsequent cutting and processing of thick sheets of plastic, so as to improve production efficiency and improve product quality. While paying attention to the blister process, it also pays attention to the combined application with other processes, which greatly increases the use of thick plate blister products.
      Wuxi Dexing adheres to the concept of persistence and innovation, and joins hands with customers to create a brand-new future!

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